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What is Lab NEXT?

Lab NEXT features a makerspace, bookable collaboration rooms, open collaboration space, and high performance computers.

Who can access Lab NEXT?

Lab NEXT is open to the entire university community, although priority access to spaces and equipment will be given to those engaged in research activities.

Where is it located?

Lab NEXT is located on the third floor of the TFDL.

Phone: 403-220-6640


Data Management

Spreadsheets, interview transcripts, image collections, digital records and other material is crucial to your research career. We can help with creating a data management plan, providing best practices and advice and making your datasets discoverable in data repositories.

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Converting scholarly materials into digital collections can enable new forms of research, preserve fragile items, and make unique or rare materials widely available. Consult with us about how best to preserve significant and unique scholarly materials that benefit research and cultural heritage.

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Spatial & Numeric Data

Providing access to cartographic materials, GIS and statistical data and software.

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Measuring Research Impact

Research Impact Standing out in a crowded field of researchers is important in advancing your career. Consult with us to learn how to present a coherent picture of your research and its impact.

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Metadata Services

High quality, customized metadata schemas form the core of many large-scale research initiatives. Consult with us on how to identify and describe your research materials to enable collaboration, discovery, linkage, and interaction.

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Repositories & Publishing

Finding an appropriate venue for your scholarly work is important. Consult with us to ensure that you are choosing a venue that ensures a good fit, and deposit your works in our digital repositories to get more exposure and comply with funder policies.

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The Makerspace provides hands on access to technologies for DIY making and collaboration with 3D printing, laser cutters, Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, Carvey CNC Milling Machine, Cricut Vinyl Cutter and sewing and embroidery equipment.

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Virtual Reality

The applications for using virtual reality in teaching, learning and research are endless. Book our Virtual reality studio to explore existing virtual reality environments at room scale, or to develop and test original applications.

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Data visualization can be transformative for understanding, analyzing, and communicating data. Consult with us on how increase your team’s visualization literacy and proficiency or to collaboratively bring data visualization expertise to your project. The library features a large, incredibly high-resolution, touch-enabled display wall that is ideal for analyzing and presenting visual information.

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One Button Studio

The One Button Studio is a room streamlined for creating video content. You can save videos to a USB memory stick with the push of a single button and use green-screen technology.

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A/V Edit Suites

Use one of our four sound-proof A/V suites to create professional quality projects.

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A/V Editing Suites Guide


Our team members.

John Brosz

Research Data & Visualization Coordinator

Jed Baker

Emerging Technology Specialist


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